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Too Busy to Make Work Easier? By Karla Watts

Too Busy to Make Work Easier?

“We’re always so busy! There’s no time to stop and get trained, so we’ll just have to try and figure this new stuff out on our own.” Does this sound familiar? Does your company struggle with the balance between allocating time for learning and working productively?  As the Director of Learning Services for Enstoa, I run into this quite a bit with clients of all sizes and types.

If your company is in that same boat, I have some great news for you! Putting your employees through professional training courses not only saves them weeks/months of headache and unproductivity, but it also ensures consistency in your company’s processes. 

One of my favorite quotes is from Herbert Spencer, who said, “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”  Empower your employees to be more efficient, increasing not only their productivity but also their satisfaction.  

Think about it… employees can struggle and still not do their jobs correctly, or they can stop momentarily and attend professional certified training courses that assure both you and them of future success!  

Professional training can provide countless benefits to your organization:
•    Gives employees hands-on practice in an unpressured setting, allowing time for trial and error
•    Enables employees to become proficient quickly because the learning is focused and succinct
•    Provides a structured environment for learning, designed to facilitate change management
•    Allows students the time to think through issues, ask questions and get answers rapidly
•    Teaches them how to perform their tasks consistently and proficiently
•    Provides a positive foundation for any change or upgrade in your organization
•    Saves other staff from having to stop their jobs to try and help untrained personnel

Given the many advantages of professional training, organizations are way too busy not to send their employees to professional training!  A small investment in proper training yields huge dividends in productivity and satisfaction.

And it’s not just training them how to do everyday tasks and use specific software – it’s also training them to understand the business side of what they are doing and contribute more value to the organization overall.

Leverage Hands-On, Practical Instruction for Optimal Results

Professional training involves much more than simply teaching initial end-users how to use specific screens when new and updated processes go-live. While that is certainly important and part of the process, proper education involves courses and tools to enrich your user’s overall business expertise, increase understanding, reduce integration/change fatigue and speed user adoption.

Karla Watts Director of Learning ServicesEnstoa’s professional, instructor-led certification training programs involve hands-on activities and real-world scenarios. Everything from business concept classes, through multi-levels of software training, to administrative classes that help your organization thrive on its own.  We help you figure out what you need, when you need it, and make it fun and memorable along the way.  Give it a try and realize the same impressive results that other organizations have.

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Author Bio

Karla Watts Karla Watts, Director of Learning Services, is responsible for professional education across Enstoa’s portfolio of projects. With over 20 years of experience working in corporate education, as well as project and product management for high-tech software companies, Karla is an expert at aligning employee and customer needs with business strategies by implementing fun, innovative professional training programs.