The natural selection for data integration

When information is inaccurate, it’s already dead. When it arrives late, it might as well be. Mission critical systems (e.g., for managing budgets, projects, or bids) are supposed to give you the power to adapt to a competitive environment. But they tend to compete more with each other than keep you at the top of the food chain. Even if you can get them to cooperate, you have to wait for a seasoned software programmer to build a complex integration. Enstoa’s Adapters keeps your data agile, flowing from one deep-investment system to another. Integrations can be built by one person with minimal database skills, in one day, and return value in a month.

Easy to Use

Point and ClickPoint and Click

The Interface is form-driven, making it accessible to users with minimal database skills.

Drag and DropDrag and Drop

Map data elements from one system to another by dragging one to the other.

Set and ForgetSet and Forget

With scheduling and triggers, your data moves when it's supposed to, without you having to babysit.



When your systems share data, you multiply its value.


Integrations are easy to get working and easy to maintain.


Streamline reconciliation with detailed error reports.

Comprehensive Connectors

If you use it, chances are Adapters connects it.

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  • Purchase; Perpetual Updates
  • Team Member to Build Integrations
  • Day to Production Use
  • Month to ROI

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