About us.

A Strong Foundation

Enstoa was founded in 2007 on a vision of taking a more evidence-based approach to capital projects. Founder and CEO Jordan Cram saw a growing need for data and analytics to play a stronger role so that the risks and challenges inherent to capital intensive projects could be reduced and organizations could gain more context for their strategic investments.

And Now...

Today Enstoa is one of the fastest-growing private companies in the world and the only one that focuses exclusively on accelerated digital transformation for the built environment. With a rapidly growing roster of clients active across a wide range of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, energy, construction, and public infrastructure, Enstoa has made the Inc. 5000 for nine years (and counting).


Jordan Cram
Jordan Cram

Chief Executive Officer

Arnaud Giret
Arnaud Giret

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Hayhurst
Steven Hayhurst

Senior Vice President


  1. Know thyself
  2. Diversity makes us wise
  3. Get things done, done
  4. Think creatively and embrace change
  5. Communicate with precision
  6. Have impact


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