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BIM Show Live 2019

BIM Show Live 2019

Newcastle, UK

Radu Gidei and Alvaro Ortega Pickmans will be presenting 'The Next Generation of Early-stage Feasibility Assessments' at 3 pm. If you're planning to attend the event be sure to meet with Enstoa's team!

Early stage feasibility assessments are key to realizing development potential. Yet for most, they are still a manual, time-consuming process with very little verifiable data as output. A new methodology exists, however, that allows those in architecture, engineering, and construction to automate and drastically improve results. Utilizing cloud-based generative design software, thousands of design options can now be explored to find the ideal solution.  

Using the development's overall commercial criteria, generated design options can then be ranked and filtered down to a few high-performing options, allowing for significant capital expenditure decisions to be truly data-driven and based on provable datasets, compliant designs, and verifiable commercial calculations. Join this session with Radu and Alvaro to see how Enstoa first built a prototype using familiar BIM and computational tools to demonstrate the viability of this approach, and how they are now turning this into a full-fledged cloud platform.

BIM Show Live brings digital construction content to life, revolutionizing the technological delivery of BIM.

Find out more about the event here.