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Time was when getting capital projects done meant more paper than concrete, more crossing of fingers than collection of data, and more agonizing change orders than creative engineering design. Now there is a better way. Modern digital project management information systems (PMIS) provide organizations with an integrated enterprise platform for cost, schedule and resource management. But a full-size, customized PMIS solution involves too many decisions, too long to a path to ROI, and considerable expense. That’s why we made Thryssa, Enstoa’s best-practice-driven, fastest to deploy, right-sized solution for capital projects management.

Solution Components

Thryssa is more than software. We want to make sure you have a long-term solution that fits your workflow and your existing systems. We install the right applications and then support you as long as you need with unique hands-on services. And we’ve done this enough times to get it done fast. You spend more time using and optimizing than defining and waiting for an implementation.



Oracle Primavera Unifier
Oracle Primavera Unifier

The PMIS leader. Enstoa-created templates for Projects, Costs, Contracts, Risks, Design, Estimating, Quality, Safety, Procurement, and more.

Oracle Primavera P6
Oracle Primavera P6

The perfect scheduling companion to Unifier. Go further with cost phasing, activity planning and earned value management.


Ready to go dashboards for analysis across your whole project portfolio


Share massive data sets between your existing enterprise systems and Thryssa

Unbeatable Support


We answer all your questions and make the changes to your install that you discover you need as you execute actual projects on Thryssa.

OCMOrganizational Change Management

We help you create and deliver unique communications that generate excitement and explain your team’s objectives for adopting Thryssa.


Interactive, enjoyable and entertaining courses delivered by training professionals, engaging students to participate and quickly learn the new software and processes.


Your team is already doing great work with fewer resources. But of course you keep a lookout for opportunities for increased efficiency, decreased risk and increased quality. Thryssa delivers these with an investment that finally makes financial sense.

Increased Efficiency


Converts paper-based processes to digital for easier storage, powerful retrieval and data-driven analytics.


A robust set of common Business Processes and Forms helps you perform work right away.


Enstoa’s Adapters automatically moves large datasets among popular external applications like PeopleSoft.

Decreased Risk

Single Truth

Primavera’s wide-ranging functionality and Enstoa’s integrations mean that all the right info can live in one system.

Install Quickly

Thryssa’s configurations options are baked in, meaning Enstoa gets it into your user’s hands quicker.

Change Management

Enstoa’s Organizational Change Management services are included, helping your people adapt.

Increased Quality

Best Practices

Enstoa’s templates encapsulate more than a decade of consulting experience helping organizations improve their PM skills.

Digital Services

Enstoa recommends the organizational roles and procedures that will best compliment the new technology.

Simplified implementation

We get it; new systems are disruptive. And the longer it takes to implement, the more likely your needs are to shift in the meantime. That’s why we’ve simplified, standardized and battle-tested the implementation of Thryssa.


Simplified Implementation


Simplified Implementation

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