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Enstoa Spark 2017

Big Sparks at Enstoa Offsite

Enstoa’s team members are central to its vision. For that reason, a few years ago, we created #EnstoaSpark, an all-company event where we spend time, heads-down and focused, on value-generating activities that benefit not only our team, but also, our clients and partners.

It’s nearly impossible to effectively recap an event like #EnstoaSpark where we have non-stop presentations and working sessions from early in the morning until dinner, guest client speakers, after parties until 4am; then wake up, and rinse, repeat. The morale-boosting team bonding that takes place at #EnstoaSpark is priceless. The united, singular focus that we have will increase our enterprise value exponentially. Results range from digital implementation accelerators to investments in new offerings and capabilities in response to our clients’ needs. We are listening and taking action!

Enstoa Spark 17

It’s rare that our entire company is in one location, so we brought our team members together from around the world to Dallas, TX, and took advantage of the colocation to:

  • Foster integrative thinking between our Advisory and Digital teams, reinforcing the impacts each stream of work has on the other
  • Challenge and validate our value propositions and differentiators
  • Juice our competitive spirit with games
  • Brainstorm opportunities for process improvements, offering expansions, and product enhancements

There were many special moments at #EnstoaSpark, but one in particular that stands out is when the EVP of one of our Dallas-based clients presented to our entire team his thoughts on the impact that our work is going to have on the organization. He said that, because so much is riding on the success of our engagement, his career is essentially in our hands. When someone asked how that makes him feel, he expressed that he sleeps well at night knowing that Enstoa’s capable team is at the helm.

We are all freshly motivated, thinking creatively, and inspired to have impact!