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2017 was an exciting year of growth for Enstoa. Our four solution areas – Strategy & Consulting, Digital, Products, and Support – are now fully integrated to provide an end-to-end solution to organizations planning, delivering, and operating large capital projects.

Focusing on the year ahead of us, we have peered into our crystal ball, and this is what we see on the horizon for 2018.

Robots and Digital Game Changers 

Ready or not, this is the year for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Whether or not you can feel it, you are being affected by AI technology in many aspects of life. AI encompasses anything from your search engine’s sorting algorithm to your phone’s facial recognition feature.

Machine Learning is the fastest growing sector of AI. ML allows machines to improve in performance without human input. According to Deloitte’s research, the most commonly used mobile AI application today is predictive text. In 2018, almost all smartphones will have a machine learning chip, redefining how people work and interact with each other. Communication and intent will be followed by machine learning building blocks that make decisions, complete transactions and remove simple, standardized tasks from your day job. Access to data will be revolutionized and made available, not through dashboards and reports, but through conversation. Talk about real actionable insights!

There is a lot of talk about robots these days, and the race to further replace manual and repetitive tasks with robotics will speed up in 2018. The opportunity is real, and Enstoa expects to be leveraging robots this year, with at least one client, automating data discovery and communication within major construction projects.

Machine Learning

Where to be in 2018

Saudi Arabia is the real deal, and you can’t afford to miss out. What better place to be than in the first country to grant citizenship to a robot?

It’s widely known that Saudi Arabia has ambitious plans. They are diversifying from oil, funding major infrastructure initiatives while making large investments in technology. They seek to work with the unconventional, the dreamers, to bring these plans to fruition. It’s not hard to see why Saudi will be the place to be in 2018 for a nimble, innovative, systems integrator solely focused on the construction and infrastructure industry.

Focusing on Humans

While there are a lot of exciting innovations in technology, we cannot forget about the people. There are two critical areas where humans are being overlooked: in software development and application configuration, as well as an organizational structure development.

Human-centered design is no longer optional. To combat the alarmingly high rate of application implementation projects that fail, a design approach to user experience must precede all systems implementations. Creative Difference powered by Ideo is a great source to keep current on this paradigm. 

Similarly, there will be a lot of innovation in organizational design that responds to the need for adaptive and nimble org structures. Teams also will be built on the intrinsic motivators and traits of individual employees, not just hard skills. The result will be dynamic, high-performing teams. 

That’s a look at just a few exciting things that we see on the horizon for 2018. 

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