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Meet The Project Management Machine Learning Bot

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It's a new era in data transparency and accessibility for project management.

See CEO Jordan Cram introduce our project management machine learning bot at the PMO Conference 2018 in London, during his presentation 'Your New PMO Team Member, a Machine Learning Bot'.


  • 03:36 - A day in the life of a project manager with bot demo
  • 08:15 - How do you get to the right data?
  • 11:30 - The role of the manager in the journey to quality data
  • 15:01 - How to make the transition to new organizational models
  • 23:00 - The role of the leader in supplying the data vision and facilitating change
  • 27:25 - What's our bot?
  • 34:09 - Bot demo part 2
  • 34:59 - Presentation summary
  • 37:00 - Questions