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Hanwha Engineering & Construction Enlists Enstoa to Digitally Transform Their Business

Hanwha Engineering & Construction Enlists Enstoa to Digitally Transform Their Business

Boom! Hanwha Engineering & Construction (Hanwha E&C), a leading EPC in South Korea, just selected Enstoa for digital transformation.

Hanwha E&C is on an evolutionary journey to automate processes, break down and integrate functional silos. To banish paper processes, they have already leveraged in-house technology to implement point solutions. Next on this journey, Enstoa will design and deliver fully integrated systems with a holistic data environment end-state in mind.

Enstoa brings holistic, integrated solutions 

Lessons have been learned from initial efforts. Hanwha E&C now understands that organizational change management and design thinking are critical components to achieve next-level success and therefore sought a global digital transformation partner that could bring this expertise, along with requisite systems integration abilities.

Enstoa’s team is working with Hanwha E&C to design and develop a holistic, integrated, solution resulting in efficiencies gained in business functions such as sales, engineering, project delivery, procurement, and subcontracting. The technology landscape includes, but is not limited to, Oracle Primavera applications such as Unifier, Enstoa Adapters, Enstoa Bulk Data Manager, and integration with Hanwha E&C’s ERP system, SAP.

In the end, Hanwha E&C team members will benefit from faster ways to do their work, the formation of new business relationships, and an overarching advantage of their technology working for them, rather than them working for it.


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