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Enstoa Releases Adapters 6.0

Enstoa Releases Adapters 6.0

We're excited to announce the release of Adapters 6.0 – our easy-to-use, domain-specialized, comprehensive integration tool for moving data across your systems. Enstoa's Adapters keeps your data agile, flowing from one deep-investment system to another, eliminating data discrepancies, and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Same powerful integrations. New features & benefits.


  • New easy-to-use controls for the end user.

  • Auto-mapping fields for Aconex Connectors and Unifier Connectors allow one-click column mapping.

  • As-needed page loads to speed up response time.

  • Change Events STATUS replaced by Cost Status & Budget Status for compatibility with updated Aconex API.

  • Removed support for outdated HTTPS protocols to improve application security.

  • Added Base64 document output support to SQL>Doc Connector for broader application compatibility.

  • RestSql Connector Outbound JSON mapping screens allow user to define JSON POST & PUT request templates.

  • RestSql Connector Content-Type is now an optional field for webservice calls where it is not required.

  • Internal technology changes that will allow front end and back-end features to be developed more rapidly and with improved security.

  • Bug fixes and other systems improvements.


Questions about your Adapters?

If you already use the Adapters integration tool and have questions about this update, contact support@enstoa.com

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