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Enstoa Releases Adapters 5.11

Enstoa Releases Adapters 5.11

We're excited to announce the release of Adapters 5.11 – our easy-to-use, domain-specialized, comprehensive integration tool for moving data across your systems. Enstoa's Adapters keeps your data agile, flowing from one deep-investment system to another, eliminating data discrepancies and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Same powerful integrations; new features & benefits

Adapters 5.11 focuses on system stabilization and compatibility enhancements.


  • Additional Unifier v20.12 OCI/Self-Hosted enhancements
  • Aconex From Connector, Method GetAllMails to have filter on SentDate
  • HTTPS Connector now automatically retries on network related failures
  • Select All option for DB objects in Transport
  • Aconex Automapping feature
  • Passwords for Manifest File are now encrypted when using Transport

Bug Fixes: 

  • Additional OCI Compatibility fixes
  • Fix for Corrupted Attachments when downloading from Aconex
  • Fix for Aconex GetAllMails OutOfMemory Exception
  • Fix for Aconex special character issues
  • Fix for Server Path not binding to UI on post back
  • Fix for User Manual link not generating correctly for some environments
  • Fix for Job Health Report URL not generating correctly for some environments
  • Fix for connection errors in Excel > SQL Connector
  • Additional logging added to the SQL > HTTP Connector
  • Fix for intermittent import issues when using Transport
  • Aconex Output table changes on empty Mail result 

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