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Adapters, a New Data Integration Tool

Enstoa Launches Adapters, a New Data Integration Tool

Enstoa is excited to announce the release of our product, Adapters. As the only company focused exclusively on digital transformation for the built environment, we harnessed our 13 years of experience to build an integration tool designed with our industry in mind. Adapters is Enstoa's easy-to-use, domain-specialized, comprehensive tool for moving data across your systems.


Adapters integrations are easy to get working, easy to maintain, and eliminate data discrepancies across an organization's various systems. The tool allows you to perform large-scale integrations without code. It is built for the built environment systems you're already using, so if you're using it, chances are Adapters connects to it.


When your systems share data with each other, you multiply its value. Adapters makes it easy to set up integrations and easy to maintain them. Integrations can be built by one person with minimal database skills, in one day, and return value in a month.


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