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Oracle Healthcare Roundtable

Oracle Healthcare Roundtable

New York

Oracle Construction and Engineering has planned this event for you and your healthcare colleagues to gather for networking, collaboration, and to share best practices.

Join Matthias Ebinger, Director at Enstoa, where he will be discussing Trends in Healthcare Facilities Management at 12:45pm.

As one of the most dynamic and fast changing sectors in our current economy, healthcare is in a state of flux and transition. Previously independent hospitals are merging into large systems, and Healthcare Facilities Management is transforming from a local management function into a corporate role with a mandate to standardize, optimize and to reduce cost. 

Capital programs are reaching a size and complexity that necessitate the use of advanced scope, cost and schedule management capabilities to keep them on track. Existing facilities are aging, while regulators are tightening requirements with the expectations that hospital have a solid grasp of their infrastructure portfolio and its inherent risks. 

This presentation discusses case studies and best practices employed by healthcare systems across the country to generate a Facilities Management function that focuses on patient comfort and safety, while at the same time contributing to the strategic growth of the organization. It addresses mobility, the benefits of owner-driven Building Information Management, and the potential of artificial intelligence applied to facilities operations and maintenance. 


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