Next Generation HealthCare Facilities Summit

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Next Generation HealthCare Facilities Summit

Los Angeles, CA

Enstoa’s Role: Speaker

With the effects of recent healthcare reform now in full swing and a variety of regulatory requirements to ensure compliance with; owners are demanding designs that promote well being and convenience through strategic site design. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have been planning construction projects with the keen knowledge that an aesthetically appealing and functional design attracts patients, insurance plans, and doctors, thus impacting the bottom line and growing revenue – while simultaneously fostering an environment conducive to optimal patent experience and care. The 2nd Annual Next Generation Healthcare Facilities Summit was designed with these industry challenges in mind.

Enstoa’s Director, Bruce Earle, will present: “Healthcare Before and After Primavera Unifier”. Enstoa’s Director, Mo Haidar, will present: “Retrospect on a Decade of BIM for Healthcare Projects”. Click here to learn more.