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International Construction Transformation Conference

ICW 2018 - International Construction Transformation Conference

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Enstoa is excited to participate in the upcoming International Construction Transformation Conference. If you are planning to attend, make sure to meet with our CEO, Jordan Cram!

The International Construction Transformation Conference 2018, brings experts from all around the world to discuss the impact of technology and innovation in the construction industry productivity.

Enstoa's CEO, Jordan Cram will be speaking on Internet of Things and How It will Revolutionize Construction on March 27th from 09:00 AM – 09:30 AM.

With business transformation and increased productivity as the ultimate goal, Jordan Cram aims to highlight some of the impacts and objectives that will help the construction industry derive a greater sense of how much value IoT has in the industry, while exploring a wide range of interdependent topics: lawyers, security, machine learning, human collaboration, AI, & individual privacy. 

The applications for IoT in construction scenarios are almost limitless and have the opportunity to make a profound impact on organizations involved in large construction projects.

Internet of Things (IoT) in construction is ultimately about every-day building materials thinking, reacting, processing and participating together as a completely intelligent, smart building organism.

Learn more about ICW 2018 here.