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HCD Healthcare Design Conference + Expo 2023

New Orleans, LA


The health care industry has some of the most complex, changeable, and critical facilities of any industry. The quest to optimize their design and management is ever-evolving.

This week, the Enstoa team is headed to New Orleans to attend the HCD Healthcare Design Conference + Expo, the premier healthcare design industry event. We're looking forward to connecting with colleagues from across the country to learn about the latest research and strategies in healthcare design and to share our innovative approach to managing healthcare spaces.

If you're coming to New Orleans, please stop by and see us at Booth #1657 and don't miss Enstoa CEO Jordan Cram, who'll be participating in a panel entitled "The Evolution of Design Standards" on Sunday, November 5th at 2:00 PM. The panel will explore how design standards in healthcare have evolved over time, and how new standards are incorporating innovation, changes in regulations, and new practices. Jordan and other members of the Built Environment Network will share how their project delivery processes have changed in anticipation of the future, capturing data and using AI to anticipate supply chain needs and reduce time and costs.


Starfish info screen


Later that day, at the Solutions Theater at 6:45 PM, Lennart Anderson, Enstoa's Director of Owners' BIM, will host "Starfish Spaces - Make Your Spaces Easy to Manage and Managed Completely." Lennart will introduce Expo attendees to Enstoa's Starfish Spaces, our innovative tool for keeping disparate space information accurate, normalized, and accessible. 

At the Solutions Theater on Tuesday, November 7th at 12:15 PM, Lennart will offer more insight into how Starfish Spaces can facilitate operations and performance during his session titled "Rationalize Space and Optimize Building Performance with Starfish Spaces." Be sure to attend these two 30-minute programs to discover why there's so much excitement in the healthcare industry about this powerful new tool that's shaping the future of healthcare facilities design and management.


Head over to our 2023 HCD Expo LIVE event page to learn more about our products and services.


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