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Michael Matosin at the AACE International Conference and Expo

AACE International Conference and Expo

New Orleans

The AACE International Conference & Expo highlights the best and most current tools and techniques used in the industry today covering a wide range of programs and projects. There are over 100 hours of presentations to choose from covering a diverse group of topics such as BIM; cost and schedule control, IT/IM in project and cost management, planning and scheduling, decision and risk management, total cost management, and more.

On the last day of the event, Enstoa’s Michael Matosin, Senior Analyst, presented An Integer Programming Model for Capital Project Portfolio Planning. During the presentation, Matosin shared why and how to implement a programmatic approach to capital projects portfolio planning. Matosin gave his presentation to an engaged audience, which led to meaningful questions and conversations with attendees. 

Michael Matosin at the AACE International Conference and Expo


Matosin explained that given limited resources, such as availability of funding, labor capacity, physical space, time, etc., the selection of a particular project will have consequences as to which others can feasibly be selected. Similarly, the scheduling of a single project has consequences for the scheduling of all others. It is clear, then, that the capital project portfolio planning problem is simultaneous: project selection and scheduling must be determined in a single step. A programmatic approach to project portfolio planning weighs both of these variables concurrently and identifies which projects deliver the maximum benefit. 

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