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Digital transformation drives efficiency upgrade

Matthias Ebinger for ASHE's HFM Magazine: 'Digital transformation drives efficiency upgrade'

Yale New Haven Health earns ASHE award for excellence in health care facility management

Like many major hospital networks, Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) — Connecticut’s largest health care system that includes seven hospitals — had a facilities management efficiency problem. So, over the past several years, it worked to better manage its built environment by thoroughly streamlining its systemwide processes, enhancing its software ecosystem and standardizing data.

This endeavor resulted in a dramatic digital transformation of YNHHS’ facilities and delivery networks. By clarifying and aligning processes across departments, implementing an integrated suite of software packages, digitizing workflows to better track projects and organizing all information around recognized health care data standards, YNHHS has significantly improved efficiencies, increased staff satisfaction and upgraded data reliability.

These and other efforts helped YNHHS win the American Society for Health Care Engineering’s 2020 Excellence in Health Care Facility Management Award, which recognizes individuals or facility management departments that implement new or innovative programs or processes to optimize the physical environment and improve patient care.

Timeline of progress

In a hospital system as large as YNHHS, where five separate delivery networks each have their own applications and procedures, productivity and workflows can get bogged down. 

YNHHS leadership acknowledged this problem and made a strategic choice to invest in digitally upgrading its facilities and real estate department and put an end to this outdated siloed network situation. The initiative was underway by 2016, but it would take over three years to complete.


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