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A Glimpse of BIM Enstoa Radu Gidei

A Glimpse of BIM 2019

London, UK

Enstoa is co-sponsoring the upcoming A Glimpse of BIM event in London. If you are planning to attend, make sure to meet with Enstoa's team.

This event is an opportunity for industry executives to meet innovative companies changing the nature of large, capital projects.

Our own Development Lead, Radu Gidei, will be leading a session: 'A New Methodology for early-stage Feasibility Design'. He said:

In this talk we will focus on introducing a new methodology Enstoa is developing for early-stage feasibility design. This innovative tool allows users to upload site information and constraints, and generate thousands of suitable designs. Users can then make decisions based on concise information. The result is the ability to make capital expenditure decisions based on provable data-sets.

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