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Autodesk University Las Vegas 2018

Las Vegas

Enstoa is excited to participate in the upcoming Autodesk University Las Vegas 2018 event. If you are planning to attend, make sure to meet with Enstoa's team!

Autodesk University Las Vegas 2018 brings together industry leaders to solve design and engineering challenges and help the teams increase efficiency, reach new markets, and win more business. 

Enstoa will present: Control Dynamo from the Web
Presented by: Radu Gidei
Monday, November 12, 9:30 AM - 03:00 PM

Join this breakout session to learn how to build Dynamo extensions from scratch and why they're so powerful. We'll showcase this by building an extension that embeds a web server & REST API inside Dynamo, allowing users to remotely open & run graphs, extract results, add/remove nodes, & more, all from a web browser. We’ll start by exploring the structure & concepts of a Dynamo extension through annotated code samples. Using the Dynamo API, we’ll then learn how to build up our extension in a modular way, so that we can collaboratively add new features to our extension. By the end, we’ll have turned Dynamo into a service that everyone at your practice can use by simply visiting a web page.

Learn more about Autodesk University Las Vegas 2018 here.